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Pesisir Utara, Kabupaten Lampung Barat, Lampung 34876, Indonésia
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South Sumatra

The last surfing paradise in Sumatra...
Still in doubt? Come and stay with us!

South Sumatra is one of the last untouched gems in Indonesia. With a vast variety of wave types, from heavy slabs, to endless point-breaks and probably the best beach break Indonesia has to offer. With a consistently pulling swell from the Indian Ocean and with the Trade Winds offshore almost everyday during the dry season, it is very hard not to score perfect waves during a week long trip.

Crowds are minimal or non-existent, as south Sumatra has been overlooked
by most, as focus is on the Mentawai in northern Sumatra.  Access to waves is easy with the coast road running miles along the coast, from north to south.  Surf is definitely not the only language here though. 

South Sumatra has not been corrupted by tourists like many other coastal destinations in Indonesia. The locals are friendly and giving, always wanting to come and hang out when you get out of the water. The beaches are pristine and trash is minimal, as the education of trash disposal in the communities has been ongoing.

And if you want to fish... it is pretty untapped with large varieties right off the back of the reef.  All you have to do is talk to anyone who has ventured to these parts and they will tell you they will definitely be back, as the raw beauty and surf quality are hard to beat.

Romeu Ribeiro - Soul Surfer & Photografer